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I’m a Mom to Two Doggo’s


So first let me start with who I am. My real name is Caity, I am 20 years young, I have two adorable puppers, and an AMAZINGLY supportive boyfriend! As this is a question I get a lot, I started smoking around 13-14 years old, mainly due to stress from my home life. But also because of the beauty I saw in smoking. I would see people around me smoke and I’d just watch as the smoke lifting into the sky, I’d see the sunlight pass through and notice all the clouds lighting up. It was such an amazing thing to me!

Meanwhile, in my free time, I enjoy playing videos games with my boyfriend and best friends. In all honesty, I can kick all of their asses in Overwatch lol. I also love going to raves with my friends, we really go all out with matching outfits and accessories. My doggos are a big part of my life too. Willow is my puppy who turns 1 on January 30th, I rescued about her 10 months ago. She was living in an extremely abusive home and I literally walked straight into their house and asked to take her. To which they had no issues with, in fact they told me if I didn’t, they’d probably kill her. Now Opie is my boyfriends dog, he’s almost 8 years old, and he’s a big fluff ball! Even with his age getting up there, you wouldn’t think he’s older than 3, he’s super active and springy! :)

As for how I became a Smoking Fetish model, and a non-sexual one at that. I posted a picture on my main Instagram account a few weeks back, and was contacted by a page that does shoutouts for SF Models. She told me I had great potential and that I should create my own smoking page. I took a few days to think it over and discuss it with my boyfriend. Finally, I made my page, after only a week I had 1k followers!! I was blown away at the response I was getting. I thought that because I was strictly nonsexual in my videos, that I would never even reach a thousand followers.. Especially not in one week! I’ve made some great friendships already and even have a collab set up in the future with a pretty well known SF model. Of course I don’t plan on doing this forever, but I’m so excited for what’s to come in the future years :)